1 - 4 March 2005 – Blue skies & sunny. Some wind early mornings. Very hot 31 – 33 C. Some light waves at the beaches.


5 March – Yet another sunny and hot day.  About 15.00 some darker clouds rolled in from the east, bringing gusty winds and very stormy conditions. Thunder and fork lightening, then a very heavy tropical downpour for about an hour. That’s the first rain for about 3 months. Later, overcast and some light rain from time to time. The afternoon had been a baking 35 C, but dropped to 28 C. after the rain. There had been a big festival event (Loving Andaman) started 14.00 down at the beach (Loma Park). But tents blown down and basically a big washout for a couple of hours. Festivities resumed about 19.00 (little bit of rain does not stop the Thais enjoying themselves).


6 March – Very bright day, mixed sun and clouds. Very windy morning and cloudier during the afternoon. Calm at the beaches. A much more temperate 30 C compared with the baking heat this past month or two.


7 - 13 March – Bright, sunny days. Windy mornings. 30 – 33 C. Light waves at the beaches.


14 March – Another bright and sunny day. Usual 31 – 33 C. But at about 6.30 some darker clouds rolled in bringing quite a lot of thunder and lightening. Looks like a heavy rain shower but ended up with just a few fat drops of rain that hardly wet the ground.


15 March  - Seems to be a slight change in the weather pattern. Cloudier in the morning, and then light clouds in the afternoon. Continues to be a hot 31 – 34 C. Light waves at the beach.


16 – 19 March - Bright, sunny days. Windy at times 31 – 34 C. Very light waves at the beaches.


20 March – Bright sunny morning. Some darker clouds late afternoon bringing a few drops of rain. Hot 32 – 34 Calm at the beaches.


21 March – Bright day with mixed sun & clouds. Darker clouds about mid-day brought 10 minutes of heavy rain. Becoming sunnier all afternoon. Hot 32 –34 C. Calm at the beaches.


22 & 23 March – Bright enough days, but quite hazy/light overcast sky. Hot & humid 32 – 34 C. Little wind and very calm at the beaches.


24 - 26 March – Bright days, but with mixed sun & clouds. Dark clouds at times, some bright sunshine in afternoons. Medium 29 – 31 C, up to 34 C during bright afternoon sunshine. Very calm at the beaches.


27 March – Heavy overnight rain shower. Morning started quite dull with overcast skies. Cooler 28 C. Clouds clearing later in day, becoming mixed sun & clouds. Temperature rising to 30 – 31 C. Very calm at the beaches.  Spectacular thunder & lightening show early evening.


28 & 29 March – Morning with mixed clouds and sun. Afternoons hot and sunny. 31 – 33 C. No winds and calm at the beaches.


Patong Beach 29 March 2005


30 March – Very cloudy morning, then a very sunny afternoon. Warm 30 – 33 C. Calm at the beaches.


31 March – Very cloudy morning then mixed clouds and sun in afternoon. Some wind. Warm 31 33 C. Calm at the beaches. Short rain shower in the evening.