1 June 2005 – Bright morning with mixed sun & clouds early morning. Becoming cloudier as the day progressed and by mid-day overcast skies for the rest of the day. Dark clouds at times bringing a few spots of rain. Cool 28 C. Very rough seas at the beaches.


2 June – Dull overcast start to the day. Light rain showers through the morning. Brighter afternoon with lighter overcast. Windy at times. Very rough at the beaches. Cool 29 – 30 C.


3 June – Bright start to the day, with mixed sun and clouds. Becoming cloudier by 10.00, some quite dark clouds. Early afternoon some light rain showers for a short time. Later afternoon some bright sunshine poking through the gaps in the clouds. Medium 30 – 31 C. Rough at the beaches.


4 June – Overcast day, all day. Some spots of rain through the morning. Humid 30 – 32 C. Rough seas at the beaches.


5 June – Very stormy day, overcast, windy, cool 28 C. Big waves at the beaches. Very dark skies about 15.00 bringing some light rain by 16.00 for a short time.


6 June – Cloudy day, windy at times. Cool 29 C. Brighter at times in the afternoon, not really any sunshine. Rough waves at the beaches.


7 June – Very stormy morning, rain showers sweeping through, strong winds. Chilly 27 C. Big waves at the beaches. Calmer afternoon, with brighter skies, but remaining quite cloudy.


8 June – Cloudy day, not much wind. Cool 28 C. A few short rain showers during the afternoon. Rough seas at the beaches.


9 – 14 June – Sorry folks, but I took a short break from Phuket. I’m told that during this period the weather was much as expected for this time of year. Mixed sun & clouds, with more chance of overcast sky than sunny spells. Always the chance of a very short (& light) rain shower at least once or twice each day. Warm & humid temperatures from 30 – 33 C. Medium waves at the beaches.


15 June – Bright day, with mostly cloudy skies. Some weak sunshine filtering through the gaps in the clouds. Warm & humid 32 C.  


16 June – Overcast early morning with some dark clouds leading to a short (10 minutes) heavy rain shower about 08.30. Rest of the day very cloudy. Warm 31 C. Very humid. Medium waves at the beaches.


17 & 20 June – Overcast days, darker clouds at times. Occasional glimpses of the sun filtering through the clouds. Always the chance of one or two short (10 minute) rain showers. Medium 30 – 31 C. Medium waves at the beaches.


21 & 22 June – At last…..  brighter days. Sun with scattered clouds. Nice days, warm 32 C. No wind, light wave at the beaches…..


23 June – Overcast again. Heavy rain shower about 11.00. Rest of the day quite overcast, some hazy sunshine. Medium 30 C. Light wave at the beaches.


24 June – Mostly a very overcast day. Rain about 10.00 for 20 minutes. Cooler 29 C.


25 June – Overcast day. Always the chance of rain. Cool 28 – 29 C. Light waves at the beaches.


26 June – Bright sunny day. Morning with hazy skies, afternoon quite sunny. Some light clouds late afternoon. Very warm 32 C. No wind. Small waves at the beaches.


27 June – Bright day, with mixed sun & clouds. Warm 31 C. No wind. More overcast later in the afternoon resulting in a light rain shower about 16.00. Light wave at the beach.


28 June – Bright day with mixed sun & clouds. Warm 31 – 32 C. No wind. Light waves at the beaches.


29 June – Mixed day, bright at times, overcast at other times. Some windy periods. Warm 32 C. Light waves at the beaches.


30 June – Duller day, more overcast for much of the day. Some periods of weak sunshine. Warm 31 C. Light waves.