1 July 2004 – The unsettled weather continues. Mixed day, mostly clouds, very windy, occasional short (5 minutes) rain showers. Very rough at the beaches. Medium 31 C.


2 July – Yet another cloudy day, always the chance of a light rain shower. Medium 31 C. Rough at the beaches.


 Patong Beach 2 July 2004


3 & 4 July – Brighter days, with mixed sun & clouds. Quite a lot of sun, but chance of a very light rain shower for a few drops. Medium waves at the beach.


5 & 6 July – Nice bright sunny days, with some light clouds. Warm 32 C. Medium waves at the beaches.


7 July - Mixed sun & clouds & rain & wind. Mostly sunny, with heavy rain (20 minutes) about 11.00 and 14.00. Medium waves at the beaches.


8 July – Bright day with mixed sun & clouds. Warm 32 C. Light waves at the beaches.


 Kata Beach 8 July 2004


9 July – Bright day, but mostly cloudy. Calm day. Medium 31 C.  Becoming calmer at the beaches.


 Karon Beach 9 July 2004


10 July – Bright day with mixed sun & clouds. Warm 32 C. Lots of folk on Patong Beach and in the water.


 Patong Beach 10 July 2004


11 July – Calm day, bright with light cloud cover. Not much wind and calmer at the beaches. Medium 32 C.


12 July – Another calm day, with mixed sun & clouds. Calm at the beach. Medium 32 C.


 Patong Beach 12 July 2004


13 July – Beautiful morning, lots of sun and blue skies. Some light clouds in the afternoon, with a fantastic streaky cloud sunset. Warm 32 C. Calm at the beaches. This is the sort of day we live for here on Phuket Island.


14 July – Another beautiful day. The early morning photo over Patong Bay says it all. Some early afternoon cloud came in over the hills to the back (east) of Patong, but rolled away after a couple of hour and the later evening had a fine sunset.


 Patong Bay 14 July 2004 (about 09.30)


15 July – A very nice sunny day, with some light clouds. Some darker clouds over the hills late morning, leading to a rain shower about 12.00. Light showers lasted until 14.00 then a sunny afternoon. Warm 31 C. Calm at the beach.


16 July – Another bright day with mixed sun & clouds, at times quite cloudy. Light rain shower about 11.00 for a few minutes, then more persistent rain through the evening. Warm 31 C. Calm at the beach.


17 July – Bright morning with mixed sun & clouds. Becoming very cloudy & dull by 11.00. Heavy rain at 12.00 for more than 90 minutes, then drizzle rain for most of the afternoon. Becoming brighter by 16.30. No wind, medium 29 - 30 C.  Some waves at the beaches.


18 July – Bright day with mixed sun & clouds. Mostly sunny all afternoon. Warm 31 C. Not much wind. Medium at the beaches.


 Relax Bay (Le Meridien) 18 July 2004


19 July – Bright day with mixed sun & clouds, some dark clouds at times. Felt quite warm/humid, but when I checked my thermometer I was surprised to measure a cool 29 – 30 C. No wind. Medium waves at the beaches.


20 July – Dull stormy day. Not so nice for the beach folks. Chance of rain showers from time to time, very cool 27 – 28 C. Becoming quite rough at the beaches. Persistent rain by 16.00.


21 July – Another dull and rainy day.  Persistent rain in the morning, with the odd heavy rain shower for a few minutes. Some bright spells in the early afternoon. But heavy rain arrived at 17.30, and then rain on/off all evening. Medium 30 C. Medium rough at the beaches.


 Karon Beach 21 July 2004


22 July – Bright sunny morning. Becoming cloudier in the afternoon and quite dull by 16.00. Medium 29 – 30 C. Light waves at the beaches.


23 July – Overcast morning. Cool 28 C. No wind, becoming calmer at the beach. Cloudier afternoon leading to a few short rain showers.


24 July – Very nice warm sunny day. Some light cloud, warm 32 C. Calmer at the beaches.


25 July – Overcast day, some dark clouds in the sky. Medium 29 – 30 C. Light waves at the beach.


 Patong Beach 25 July 2004


26 July – Stormy morning. Overcast, very winy, big waves at the beach, & rain showers on/off.  Cool 28 C.  Becoming calmer by afternoon, brighter skies, and no wind. It’s amazing how quickly the weather can change here on Phuket Island.


27 July – Bright morning, with light overcast sky. Calm weather, with some sunny spells most of the afternoon. Medium waves at Patong beach, but the water stirred up with the previous day’s rough seas. Dark clouds by 16.30 and a light rain shower for a few minutes.


28 July – Another mixed day. Morning with darker skies and rain on/off. Brighter afternoon with light overcast and no rain. Warm 30 C.


29 July – Horrible day. Rain showers on/off all day. Overcast with many dark clouds rolling through. Cool 28 – 29 C. Medium waves at the beach.


 South End of Patong Beach 29 July 2004


30 July – Yet another mixed weather morning.  Bright at times, dull at times. Short periods of sunshine, short periods of light rain. Periods of strong wind, medium waves at the beach. Cool 27 C. Typical ‘rainy’ season weather. Brighter afternoon, no wind & light overcast with some weak sunshine. 


31 July – Mostly a bright day, with light overcast sky. Quick rain shower in the early morning, then a calm day. Dark clouds rolled in about 15.00 bringing a short (10 minute) heavy rain shower. Becoming calmer at the beaches. Medium 28 – 29 C.