112 February 2005 Very settled weather continues. Mostly all blue skies during the day. Some wind mornings, hot balmy afternoons. Hot 31 33 C. Mostly calm at the beaches, some light chop further out.


13 February Blue skies all morning, quite cloudy all afternoon. Hot 32 33 C. Light chop at the beaches.


14 18 February Mostly all blue skies, not much wind. Very hot 32 33 C. Calm at the beaches.


Patong Beach 16 February 2005


19 February Change in the long period of settled weather today. Some scattered clouds, light wind and a lower 30 C temperature. Calm at the beaches.


20 - 26 February Windy mornings, and very sunny. Afternoons very hot 32 34 C. Blue skies. Calm at the beaches.


27 28 February Bright days, but overcast with light clouds. Becoming very sunny by late afternoons. 31 32 C. Very light waves at the beaches.